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Current date: 02/17/2020

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About this web page

Swap Shop is a radio program originating in Grass Valley, California that allows listeners to call in and advertise items they have for sale. The items are also listed on the Swap Shop web site. This web page makes the Swap Shop web site a little bit easier to use. The information is simply retrieved from the Swap Shop web site, based on your criteria, and displayed in a simple format. We created this because we check Swap Shop often, and found it time consuming to check all the various categories, without having any date search capabilities. To find out more about KNCO radio, go to the KNCO web site. You can also view KNCO's Swap Shop web site

This web page is provided as a free service by MacWisdom Systems. We are not affiliated with KNCO or Swap Shop, and we do not create or manage the Swap Shop information. We just provide easier access to the information.

About MacWisdom Systems

MacWisdom Systems provides programming, design, and technical services for Internet and Web related applications, as well as consulting, troubleshooting, and programming for the Macintosh.

We are based in Grass Valley, California, but through the Internet and telephone, we can provide our services to customers everywhere. On-site service is available for customers in the greater Sacramento and Sierra foothills area.

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